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Shared responsibilities, shared solutions

In February 2014, Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) commenced an evidence-based analysis of the continuous improvement process for Training Packages.

Specifically, the analysis sought to identify:

  • How much change is actually occurring to Training Packages;
  • What are the factors driving change;
  • What pressure points exist in the vocational education and training system that amplify the impact of each change; and
  • What can be done to reduce the impact of change on stakeholders.

Training Packages are demand driven products responsive to the current and emerging skill needs of industry so by their very nature must be dynamic. As the rate of change within the economy increases, and that change impacts on individual sectors and job roles, Training Packages will continue to evolve.

This is not to say that parties involved in the Training Package continuous improvement process and in getting Training Packages to the marketplace cannot do thing more efficiently and more effectively to reduce the burden of change on the system. ISCs believe that a healthy balance must be struck between updating Training Packages too slowly to maintain currency and – equally – what Registered Training Organisations have described as ‘change overload’.

The ISCs’ report ‘Shared responsibilities, shared solutions’ has now been finalised and is available here.

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